"Ares" is made for PAdI (Praktische Aspekte der Informatik) - a lecture at the Computer Graphics Lab. This is the only game, that I didn't develop in team, but completely alone. (Okay the music content is from winniehell, because I'm not that musical…). But the Code and Graphics made by me. In the lecture I had to use C++ and at least one library. So I use SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library). I make a mix of Jump&Run and Adventure.

It beginns…

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for the jump and run with some physics and blocking ground
And for the Adventure with some blocking objects and texts.

The Jump&Run Part

Originally I wanted to develop an adventure game. To familiarize with SFML, I read turorials, that demonstrate developing a Jump&Run game with SFML. It was supposed to be just an exercise, but I liked that so much that I also built the jump and run part into my game.

Jump&Run controls
Poisonous butterflies haunt you and deers in the woods.
You have to jump over deers.
Run through hollow tree.
In developer/debug mode, look at colliding rectangles.

The Adventure Part

This is the part, that I really wanted to develop. I want to make a game like "Legend of Zelda", but only with the puzzle part without battle (because I didn't want to develop an AI for the enemies - this were to much for one term project).

You start the adventure in the dark.
Find flint stones to make fire.
A bat will you help in the dungeon.
You can find chests in the dungeon.
…and more…
Collect the items!
Use items. Like bow…
…or illuminate the room with a torch.
And explore the dungeon!
Or find the way through a labyrinth.
And find the dungeon map…


Jump and Run Demo Video.
Adventure Demo Video.