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Between Light & Shadow

Sun lives in the city named Luxor with her older sister Urania. One day mysterious holes appear in the world. It is a gate, which connects Sun's world of light with the world of shadow. To cap it all gods of death invade the worlds and kidnap Sun's older sister. What do they want with her? To rescue her sister, Sun has to cooperate with the general of the shadow realm. However general Loon is anything but helpful.

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Blue Moon

The naming ceremony takes place today. On this day it has always been a tradition that 17 years olds to be recognized as adults and given their real names - so also Seth and Helion. Their long-time friend will also get her name on this day. But the always so cheerful friend seems so withdrawn at the ceremony. Almost as if she was an empty shell. As a confirmation, the village druid gives her the name "Nyx", which means "darkness" and "emptiness" in the ancient language. What happened to her?

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