OMG - Owesome Marmelade Game

"OMG - Owesome Marmelade Game" is made for Rainbow Jam 2020. The Theme was "Strength In Numbers".

We made this game with Godot game engine.

This time we had two weeks - a lot more time than usual (usual LudumDare: one weekend). This time we make an Adventure with lovelly characters. Adventure is my favorite game genre and I really enjoyed to make this game with blinry, NanoSQUID, Sascet43, Sasikki, Sesca, wehteheff and winniehell.

The concept of the game is that as you search for the ingredients you will make new friends. With each of these new friends, you can see the world in a slightly different way.

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The World and the Tribes.

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You start your adventure in the desert.
Buy a Qu'umcuencholitas from a merchant.
… or dance!

And meet new friends! Some of them need help and still others come with you on your journey to help you to find the ingredients for your rainbow marmelade. But when they accompany you on your journey, you see the world in a different way.

Six different tribes live in this world. You belong to the desert tribes. You and your family live as nomadic merchants.

And then there are creatures, who live in the woods - they are Silvaner.

With a Silvaner your environment looks more vegetative. The Silvaner also made an appearance in "Convoluted".
Silvaner guards patrol at the village entrance.

In the north lives the tribe of the Vulcan. Vulcans are inhabitants of the hot lava landscape. And with a Vulcan by your site, you discover that this land is not so barren. And you see more other inhabitants, the Flameys and Fire-Peoples. And you see that even plants grow here.

Anyway the volcanic landscape and its inhabitants is created by the fabulous Sasikki and the gorgeous Sesca.

So many creatures lives here!
There is even a chilli plant growing here.

The water world lies in the south-east. The world was mainly drawn by marvelous nanoSQUID. Go to the water creatures and look, what they have to say. Sometimes invisible bridges also become visible, so that you can move forward there.

Here the bridge is visible.
Oh no! Charon's boat is broken.

Visit the swampy landscape and talk to the local residents. The swamp dwellers are funny fellows and they somehow seem to be an unit ... The swamp was designed by the gorgeous blinry and the wonderful Sesca.

The swampy landscape. A thick fog surrounds the swamp.
"But what?"

The last tribe is the ancient tribe. The Time Guys lived in the past, but the clock tower in the center of the ancient city helps the Time Guys to surpassing the borders of space and time. All Time Guys look the same. They all have the same neutral sight. With the TimeGuy the environment changes the time.

The dragon died long ago, but in the past (around the Time Guy) the dragon is still alive.
The ravages of time can be seen on the city wall, where the aura of the Time Guy don't overlap.

Now two fountains as examples of how the aura changes the appearance of the environment.

And finally it should be mentioned that different music instruments and melodies were chosen for the different tribes. Everything composed by the fabulous winniehell. Yeay!

desert music

woods music

volcano music

water music

swamp music

ruins music