Wodewick - the grumpy Monster

"Wodewick - the grumpy Monster" is made for LudumDare 39. The Theme was "Running out of Power". This time we had something to do at ths weekend, so we made a minimalistic game in 12 hours. We use libGDX for this game.

This game was made by winniehell and me.

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Wodewick, the grumpy monster, is attacked by the Huggers. They cuddle and hug him. So he's getting happier and happier. Finally he's no longer grumpy. Push the Huggers back with the arrow keys.

Wodewick, the grumpy monster.
With each hug, Wodewick get happier…
and happier…
A Hugger cuddle and kiss Wodewick. Oh no!
And Wodewick is no longer a grumpy monster…