Splendid Adventure on a Sunday Afternoon

"Splendid Adventure on a Sunday Afternoon" is made for LudumDare 41. The Theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres". So we decided to combine Jump&Run with a Text Adventure. You are walking in a book world. You jump from text to text and at some points you can choose one of several ways. So you walk through your own story. The graphics should not disturb the text, so the images play a subordinate role. It should be like a drawing in children's books.

This game was made by blinry, bonusPanda, larkinia, rohieb, winniehell and me.

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Once upon a time…

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… you start an adventure. Here are some places where you have to make a choice.

Will you eat the berries or will you move on?
Left or right?
Will you across the bridge or will you take the ferry?

Discover new places…

You can go to a village.
Or you can discover ancient ruins.
Or examine the ancient walls of a battlement.
Go through a rope bridge.
Sometimes there is a change in the weather and it starts to rain.
Then your path becomes slippery.

Or when you fallen asleep…

… you are in a strange dream…