Princess stops the Princes

"Princess stops the Princes" is made for LudumDare 47. The Theme was "Stuck in a loop". We had the game idea before the theme was announced. But we wanted to make a nice little game. Therefore, the theme may not quite fit to the game. But… so what?

Our team consisted of Sesca, souldzin, wehteheff and winniehell and me.

We made this game with Godot game engine.

This time we want to make a game with simple mechanics. So we decide to make a tower defense game.

Play now (on Web)

It beginns…

( go to source code )

…with rectangles…
Then there was throwable rectangles and many, many princes 😱!
A wild UNICORN appeared!
And then there was a background.
And add some other animals, that helps you to stop princes - for example squirrels.
And parrots...
...not only animals also rose shrubs help you to stop the pushy princes.
And sometimes the thrown chest is a magical chest and thrust the princes away! (It's inspired by Terry Pratchett's Luggage.)
And sometimes the princes come by train…