"Genamoeba" is made for LudumDare 46. The Theme was "Keep it alive".

This game is made by Psimyn, bonusPanda, Sasikki, nanoSQUID, souldzin, JackSkylark, winniehell and me.

The idea of the game is that you have to keep the amoebas alive if possible. You have to feed them, to keep they alive. You can also add genes in the pool of amoebas, to evolve them. Originally, they should then get better abilities, e.g. a foot-gene should make them faster or a mouth-gene should allow them to stay alive by eating other amoebas. But we couldn't implement these abilities, because we have no more time. But you can collect the many, many different combinations of amoebas.

The game idea is inspired by the board game "Primordial Soup".

Play now (on Web)

It beginns…

( go to source code )

… with one plain amoeba without any genes.
You can feed the amoebas with... what ever.
Put new genes for amoebas...
… and they evolve!

Sasikki's amoebas:

nanoSQUID's amoebas:

bonusPanda's amoebas:

dasMaichen's amoebas:

My two daughters also played a part in this game: